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As an energy private equity firm, Trace Capital invests in growth-oriented oil and gas exploration and production companies. We are based in Houston, TX, and our mission is to provide superior returns to our investors while helping energy companies achieve their growth potential. The energy sector is one of the most important industries in North America. It is a major contributor to the continent’s economy, providing jobs and supporting businesses across various sectors. The energy sector is also a critical driver of innovation, helping to develop new technologies that can be used in other industries.

Houston is a major center for energy investment, with a wide range of energy sectors represented. The city is home to many energy private equity firms, which provide capital growth and investment to energy companies. These firms are important drivers of innovation in the energy industry, helping to develop new technologies and businesses. The different energy sectors in Houston are:

Each of these sectors is vital to our economy and offers fantastic investment opportunities. With historical sectors such as the oil & gas industry, as well as the growth of sustainable energy, there are many options for those looking to invest in the energy sector through our energy capital growth firm. Companies in these sectors seek capital to invest in new projects, expand their businesses, and develop new technologies.

Why Energy Companies Work with Private Equity Firms

The energy sector is facing several challenges in the coming years. These challenges include:

  • The increasing cost of energy production
  • The need for cleaner and more sustainable energy sources
  • Rising geopolitical tensions
  • The impact of climate change

These challenges put pressure on energy companies to find new ways to operate. Private equity firms can help energy companies to navigate these challenges and find new growth opportunities. PE firms provide capital to companies in exchange for an ownership stake. They also offer their expertise and resources to help companies grow.

Private equity firms typically invest in companies that are:

  • Medium to large in size
  • Experiencing growth
  • Looking for capital to expand

PE firms are a vital part of the energy industry. They provide capital to companies in exchange for an ownership stake, expertise, and resources. This allows energy companies to navigate their challenges and find new opportunities for growth. The advantages of using private equity in the energy industry include:

  • Access to Capital: Private equity firms have a lot of capital available, which allows energy companies to expand their operations.
  • Expertise and Resources: Private equity firms have a lot of expertise and resources, which they can share with energy companies. This can help them to grow and develop new technologies.
  • Improved Efficiency: Private equity firms can help energy companies become more efficient, saving them money in the long run.
  • Improved Operations: Private equity firms can help energy companies improve their operations, leading to better performance and increased profits.

How Trace Capital Stands Apart as an Energy Growth Capital Firm

Trace Capital Management is an energy capital growth firm with managed funds and investments of over $1.4 billion. With a particular focus on midstream infrastructure, upstream oil and gas, and viable low/no carbon opportunities, Trace Capital has a well-rounded portfolio that can provide stability and growth in today’s markets.

Trace Capital provides debt and equity financing to companies in the energy sector. This includes:

  • Project Finance
  • Structured Finance
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Growth Equity
  • and more

Trace Capital was formed in August 2022 via the “lift out” of Denham Capital’s Energy Resources investment platform, including its team and portfolio. Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the energy industry. Our team has worked together for over ten years, during which time we deployed over $ 3 billion across 30 investment platforms. Our focus on transparency, partnership, risk management, and execution allows us to provide the best possible service to our clients.

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If you are an energy company or a Houston energy investor looking for capital, Trace Capital is the perfect partner. The energy sector is continuously growing and changing, and Trace Capital is here to help you navigate through it. Get in touch with Trace Capital today to learn more about our private equity renewable energy services and how we can help you grow your business. We offer various financing options, including project finance, structured finance, acquisition financing, and growth equity. Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the energy industry, and we are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients.


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