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Despite its importance, the oil and gas industry has come under fire in recent years. Critics argue that the sector is no longer viable and is in terminal decline. They claim that advances in renewable energy have made oil and gas obsolete and that the industry will soon be irrelevant. However, these claims are unfounded. Oil and gas remain a vital part of our economy, and will continue to play a crucial role in powering North America into the future.

Houston is home to one of North America’s most important oil and gas industries. The oil and gas industry can be divided into three main sectors: upstream, midstream, and downstream. Upstream refers to the exploration and production of oil and gas, while midstream refers to the transportation and storage of oil and gas products. Downstream refers to the sale of oil and gas products to consumers.

Despite the industry’s criticisms, oil and gas demand continues to grow. In fact, oil demand is projected to increase by 1.2% per year through 2040, while demand for natural gas is expected to grow by 1.6% per year during the same period.1 This growth is driven by increased population and economic activity, as well as by the growing use of natural gas in the power sector. To meet this ever increasing demand, oil and gas companies will need to invest billions of dollars in new projects. This presents a significant opportunity for private equity firms specializing in oil and gas investments.

Why Oil & Gas Companies Work with Private Equity Firms

The oil and gas industry is facing a number of significant challenges in 2022. The most pressing challenge facing the oil and gas industry is the rise of renewable energy sources. Renewables have been growing rapidly in recent years and are now a major threat to the oil and gas industry. Many experts believe renewables will eventually supersede oil and gas as the primary energy source worldwide. Another major challenge for the oil and gas industry is the increase in regulation. Oil and gas companies have come under fire for their environmental impact, and regulators are now putting pressure on them to reduce their emissions. This is making it harder for oil and gas companies to operate, which is likely to lead to higher consumer prices.

There is also a significant skilled worker shortage in oil and gas. Oil and gas companies struggle to find qualified employees, especially in technical fields such as engineering and drilling. This could lead to delays in new projects and higher costs for companies.

For these reasons, companies in the oil and gas sectors are looking to work with private equity firms to help them navigate these challenges. Private equity firms bring many advantages to the table, including:

  • Access to capital: Oil and gas companies need billions of dollars to fund new projects. Private equity firms have the necessary means and can provide just what these companies need.
  • Expertise: Private equity firms have a team of experts who can help companies with strategic planning, financial analysis, and operations.
  • Connections: Private equity firms have a network of contacts in the oil and gas industry that can help companies access the necessary resources.
  • Flexibility: Private equity firms are more flexible than traditional lenders and are often willing to take on more risk.

How Trace Capital Stands Apart as an Energy Growth Capital Firm

Trace Capital Management is a proven Houston private equity oil & gas investor focused on value and growth investments across the global energy landscape. Based in Houston TX, Trace currently manages funds with invested and committed capital of over $1.4 billion. At Trace, we focus on transparency, partnership, risk management, and operational competence throughout market cycles. We are an oil & gas private equity firm that provides energy entrepreneurs and growing businesses with the capital and support necessary to deliver solid returns across various energy sectors.

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